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2008-09-26 19:48:18 by Second2none

Jeee~eee~eebus Christ! It's been a while since I did ANYTHING. D: I'm a lazy retard!

No, not really. >.>;; The fact is, my old computer melted into slag. No joke. So I had to get a new one. Buying computers is the third most costliest thing I can do in life. A car comes second, and a house is first. I was going to put up PS3 as third for a moment there, but then I started laughing at myself for considering that I would purchase a PS3, even in an alternate universe.

So, uh, yeah. My sprites were on that old computer. NO WORRIES. :D I'm transferring my old computer data to the new computer. If all goes smoothly, I will STILL have some sprites to make! And with any luck, I can take those sprites and put them up as sprite resources, or maybe make my own flash with them.

Btw, I have no clue how to work with flash. D: But that's O.K., I can learn. Or I could just watch someone do it. Tutorials don't sit well with me sadly. I don't know why, it's all written out in front of my eyes explaining EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW, but all [b]I[/b] do is stare like a retard and go "duh" for an extended period of time. :( And I don't expect anyone to make a flash cartoon of epic proportions with me dictating over its production. *Sigh*

Update on my Bellhop music, moved it to Drum and Bass because of some helpful advice from one of my reviews. :) Thanks man.


2008-05-30 12:35:14 by Second2none

It's not a flash submission, no, but it's still pretty cool. I've made a nice audio submission for your enjoyment called Bell Hop, a house song I made with Acid Pro. I guess that's all I have to say about that, but then again, music speaks louder than words. :) Go on and check it out!
And don't forget to vote! :D

Ah! Werewolf!
THERE wolf!

My poor, poor sister...

2008-05-27 17:18:22 by Second2none

I feel so bad for my sister. Know why? She has had a bad run of luck with teachers. Gracious, you want to know what her latest physics teacher has told her to do?

Combine some sort of unifying theory of relativity and the statement of concave versus convex shapes... IN POSTER FORM WITH A HAI-FREAKING-KU.

That's just evil. I know he HAS to be trying to get her to fail. Before that, she had a french teacher that made fun of her on a constant basis. :( I feel bad for her... OH well, I'm graduated, so I don't have to worry about teachers... Bosses, sure, but not teachers.

Also, new forum signature:
Ah! Werewolf!
THERE wolf!

Ah, My Work is Never Done

2008-05-26 18:33:58 by Second2none

Constantly, I search Newgrounds for both entertainment and attention. As of late, however, I have conducted a delightful experiment that has gotten results.

If given enough time, certain flashes are no longer voted for. Which means, if someone with a reason or the drive to do so wanted to, they could make it extremely popular with just a months worth of votes, or make it a pitiful flash with enough effort.

I'd rather not mention which flashes I've been experimenting with, because I know that if I told you, you'd either flame me or do something to oppose me. Not necessarily ALL of you who read this, but even if you've seen my posts and profile and thought kindly of me, there are just SOME people who are like "Oh yeah? I'm going to prove you wrong!" *laughs* It's strange to see how some people get such an orgasmic high from telling off others or making them wrong. I've seen it too commonly in real life and on the internet.

At any rate, lemme give you an example. Let's say that a flash had made it through the portal, right? After a while, people will stop caring about it if it's an average, even mediocre flash from 1.25-2.50. Give me a week with that. Just one week. Chances are, since it's got like, what, 150 votes on it? Doesn't matter. That just makes it all the more powerful of an influence to vote on. you could reduce that flash to nothing but dust, or you could make it an easy 3.50 with enough determination.

Now that the math lesson is over, here's another fun fact... Nah, I change my mind, no more fun facts. Instead, a statement: I'm a lot happier to see that people find my reviews helpful. To those of you who know me and are doing this: Thank you very much. You're so wonderful, all of you. I'm really trying to give positive reviews that offer advice and/or a good summary of the flash. Toodles, I'm off to play some more games.

Making more of a name for myself

2008-05-18 16:06:18 by Second2none

I want to be more known on Newgrounds; I want attention. Why? I merely yearn for it after exploring it for quite some time now. Certainly, I could easily gain attention, both good and bad, if I decided to try my hand at flash work and create a successful cartoon... But I still have not reserved enough faith in my talent yet.

Therefore, I've decided to become a much more active member of the community. The first thing I'm going to do is start reviewing more. Certainly, people already know that Decline of Video Gaming is great, but in all honesty, most of the wonderful cartoons out there on Newgrounds were created before I even joined. I believe it's only fair that I leave my two bits on their flash cartoons.

I've also resolved to post more on the forums. I've already aided Rage's thread for defeating horribly made reviews, and allow me to say that I have never known that there could be such violent and discriminatory remarks on a website for entertainment. Well, whatever works to thwart attempts of prejudice and hatred. I feel like a superhero, hah!

I might submit a few audio files sometime, if I can get proper recording equipment. I'm a bit of a pianist, I quite enjoy classics such as Fur Elise, but I can also play songs like "Bowyer's Forest," "Windfish Ballad," "The Underwater Mario Theme," and many more. I've even mastered that piano opening to one of my favorite songs from Newgrounds: Outside (Absolute Fin)

Speaking of favorites, I'm going to add a lot more favorites to my page. Maybe I'll make some friends here on Newgrounds who have my same likes! :D It's possible, though I hope sincerely that I won't be hated for my actions. I know negative attention can spread about very fast, and it's been known to insult many a poor soul.

Might as well show them now. I haven't made full sheets for them, but they're looking good.

For the reason I made these, none shall never know. Not even I can discern the logic behind my purpose of creating these... these mechanisms in non-isometric rendition.

The first guy, hm, I can't remember his name. He was just this awful MMX recolor. Still, I like how my incarnation of this... I think he's called Metal Maniac? Megamaniac? Mechanical man? Whatever. All I know is that, albeit his character's design was a bit dull visually, the background and capability he attributed to this artificial intelligence is very original. I never got a chance to speak with his creator because he disappeared many times, and finally faded from the internet.

Then there's this red and green fellow with more jolly feeling in him than St. Nick. Pardon the Christmas pun, it exists there, and it's very strong, as you can see by the design. The color pattern is actually different than the original that I've seen. The character was based off, or rather, RIPPED off of Duo, a savior of light from a different planet in the Megaman universe.. Even the name was taken and fixed into Trio, a supposed fan of Duo who always looked up to him when he was a mere prototype. Anyways, feel free to critique them as you'd like. The Trio figure isn't complete (obviously :P) and the Metal Hoozits is a bit awkward. I know these already, though I cannot stop you from pointing them out all the same. It's your choice. Anyways, that's all from me for now. I'm going to get back to work on them...

Right as soon as I'm done watching some more Decline of Video Gaming, 1-3.

Those sprites I was talking about.

Ugh. UGH. UUUUUUUUUGH. I looked back to when I was a more naive, foolish man. Gods, are we all this pathetic when we barely start to mature? In the days of yonder, a thirteen-year-old male was considered to be an intelligent, respectable man. I have no doubts towards this as life had not discovered electronic convenience of which the internet has provided us with.

I know one thing for certain, I may as well be a hypocritical bastard. I accused Bignp for actions that I had once taken, making some stupid reviews without thinking much upon them. You're free to look over what useless reviews I have set up on my profile and flagging them so they may be deleted. I'd appreciate it, though it may run the risk of banning me from reviewing for a while. Still, I can share with you, my strangers-as-friends, the opinions I have for the world of cartoon entertainment.

I feel envious of the age of simpler man... Certainly, law and order had not taken root, and our knowledge was so small... But there were no extreme wars over continents, perhaps small kingdoms certainly but never on a scale as how we wage our battles now. Are we right as human beings to continue evolving? We merely create more and more destructive weapons and greater conveniences. I won't be surprised if, eventually, we're transformed into a vegatative state near comatose.

Now then, onto some decidedly lighter news...
I've decided that, if I'm going to become a more active member of the Newgrounds community, I might as well start using some of these functions it offers. I've updated my avatar to an excellent picture of the cult favorite Earthbound's final boss, Giygas, which I found on the internet, and my smaller icon is one of the sprites I've created of Giegue, Giygas's former incarnation. Something cute turns ugly, huh? *laughs*
Additionally, and I'm about to sound like an infant here, so you're free to skip this part...
My DS right now has one of its hinges missing so it tilts to the left from time to time. Also, after a LONG period of time remaining in this condition, the top monitor has begun to display its graphics with either a bright blue or dull yellow hue. I'm starting to grow frustrated to the point that I wish I could EAT the top screen off in a display of feral rage. Strange, bizarre, and yet humorous at the same time, at least that's my perception of the notion.

One thing I've noticed is that I've had Flash MX for a while now. Yet, I've never used it. The truth is, I'm terrified of starting work with it because my art skills are... selective. Rather, I CAN draw, but I never know how it will turn out, so it usually ends up as something I would not have thought of... recently though, it's become more likely to turn out as a robot Andrew Dickman style. It's not bad, it's just I don't want to copy Dick's style. I want my own workings, though drawing AWD robots freehand is fun, I have to say. I might have to show him a few pictures of the mechanisms I've sketched and see how he feels about them.
Anyways, back on task, I'm terrified of even going near Flash MX. I've seen all the WONDERFUL tutorials on Flash that many of you have left behind, and I truly believe I should start with sprite flashes. Why? It's easy, it's fun, and I can't think of anything better than displaying fun, cartoon characters in action or comedy sequences. I make custom or edited sprites myself, recolors and game sprites just don't do it for me creation-wise. I once created a sprite of this character I found on a forum known as The Fallout Shelter, it was a blue and grey Megaman look-alike. Bleh, I HAD to fix that. Hm... I'll post it up here some day to give you all a look. For now, I'm just in a 'ranting' mood.

This may come as a surprise to you, but outside of the internet, I'm... how should I put this... I guess you could say I'm retarded. Yes, retarded. Not academically so, no, but socially. I attend a school made for the mentally retarded, autistic, and otherwise physically handicapped. You'd be surprised on every day how each situation you're presented is utterly different from the last one. One moment, you're with your friends, chilling out, hanging with your buddies happily. The next, a teacher will send you out of the classroom to the 'resource room' where you're confined for a time out. A time out system for high school is a bit wild, I have to say, but then again it is appropriate for the more hyperactive students.
In my opinion, the worst idea was introducing both middle schoolers and elementary schoolers into the system. I realize that the need for special education is rising, but what would possess ANYBODY into thinking that placing extremely energetic, immature, autistic spectrum children together with older, more violent, debilitated adolescents!? Did it not occur to them that if one of these crazier teenagers were to snap, they could flatten a brat? Honestly... Our government's educational programs are going down the drain in Maryland. I pray for the safety of the students while I'm gone.
Nine days and I won't have to worry about ANY of that... No more high school. Just college. College. College.
I repeat that line because I never thought I'd make it this far. I thought that, by now, I would've cracked under pressure and would spout madness-driven articulations that would be perceived as the ramblings of a mad man. Yet here I am, so close to walk down the aisle and receive my diploma...

I thank whatever fortune I have been blessed with for making it this far. Wish me luck, fellows.

I mean not you, the reader of this news post, nor the masses out there that can comprehend how I feel, any disrespect. No, I downright admit to you I am as gay as the morning dove with delight and glee, all with your presence as an equal peer of intelligence. As you may as well guess, the title of this post is directed to the ignorant and idiotic denizens of Newgrounds, as well as the millions of morons out there who utterly annihilate the meaning of comprehension to the point that their stupidity and rage is spread throughout the world wide web and introduced to us.

It's so pitiful, I truly mean it... I myself look down upon my comments made to this fellow here, but I felt something needed to be said. I know many will laugh at me for saying this, but I was looking over the flash cartoon "Rebecca." Yes, yes, naked women, woo-hoo. Sex going on, child molestation references, all of that. I'm more of a refined man myself, so I didn't really take a liking to the cartoon. The animation and voice overs were wonderfully made, but of course morally I did not like it. Now, I've given you the fact that I have an actually GRASP on the concept of the flash cartoon, as well as a well-forged opinion upon it.

Now, this "bignp," fellow... I found his review while stumbling through other reviews of the cartoon after I was finished watching the flash. Why? I stopped as soon as the man was having sex with the other male's wife. I couldn't bring myself to actually watch what would happen next, but I wanted to know. Knowing about it and... well, watching it are two different things, and learning about it would help me construct a more appropriate image in my head without thinking too heavily on such a subject. Believe me, it is very easy to make an impression on my mind, as evidenced by this flash and bignp's review...

Once I came across his review, I first thought this must've been a joke he was put up to and had not meant any harm. April Fool's had passed recently, after all, so I checked the date. No, his review was more recent, as was his membership (being a few months ago) so I felt I would do a bit of snooping. What I found after researching into this boy's Newgrounds actions was not at all pleasing to know or look at. You could call it the slavery of letters, confined into tight spaces and used in a manner that wasn't their natural purpose. He cannot compose one sentence without destroying some form of reading comprehension.

What did I do? I degraded myself in regards of respect to flame him. I feel that my words were harsh to him, but if I was given the opportunity to take back what I've marked of him, I would turn the chance down a thousand times and a thousand times more. What's done is done, and I feel no shame in leaving my comment of his behavior on his page. You're free to read it, or you may decide not to take a look. I'm perfectly content in either decision that you, the reader, will make. Enjoy yourself, leave a comment here if you would be so kind as to give me feedback, and help yourself to give your opinion if you'd like. I can tolerate whatever you will throw at me, be it good or bad.

Good night, my friends.