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Disgusting, filthy degenerates of the internet

2008-05-11 21:15:11 by Second2none

I mean not you, the reader of this news post, nor the masses out there that can comprehend how I feel, any disrespect. No, I downright admit to you I am as gay as the morning dove with delight and glee, all with your presence as an equal peer of intelligence. As you may as well guess, the title of this post is directed to the ignorant and idiotic denizens of Newgrounds, as well as the millions of morons out there who utterly annihilate the meaning of comprehension to the point that their stupidity and rage is spread throughout the world wide web and introduced to us.

It's so pitiful, I truly mean it... I myself look down upon my comments made to this fellow here, but I felt something needed to be said. I know many will laugh at me for saying this, but I was looking over the flash cartoon "Rebecca." Yes, yes, naked women, woo-hoo. Sex going on, child molestation references, all of that. I'm more of a refined man myself, so I didn't really take a liking to the cartoon. The animation and voice overs were wonderfully made, but of course morally I did not like it. Now, I've given you the fact that I have an actually GRASP on the concept of the flash cartoon, as well as a well-forged opinion upon it.

Now, this "bignp," fellow... I found his review while stumbling through other reviews of the cartoon after I was finished watching the flash. Why? I stopped as soon as the man was having sex with the other male's wife. I couldn't bring myself to actually watch what would happen next, but I wanted to know. Knowing about it and... well, watching it are two different things, and learning about it would help me construct a more appropriate image in my head without thinking too heavily on such a subject. Believe me, it is very easy to make an impression on my mind, as evidenced by this flash and bignp's review...

Once I came across his review, I first thought this must've been a joke he was put up to and had not meant any harm. April Fool's had passed recently, after all, so I checked the date. No, his review was more recent, as was his membership (being a few months ago) so I felt I would do a bit of snooping. What I found after researching into this boy's Newgrounds actions was not at all pleasing to know or look at. You could call it the slavery of letters, confined into tight spaces and used in a manner that wasn't their natural purpose. He cannot compose one sentence without destroying some form of reading comprehension.

What did I do? I degraded myself in regards of respect to flame him. I feel that my words were harsh to him, but if I was given the opportunity to take back what I've marked of him, I would turn the chance down a thousand times and a thousand times more. What's done is done, and I feel no shame in leaving my comment of his behavior on his page. You're free to read it, or you may decide not to take a look. I'm perfectly content in either decision that you, the reader, will make. Enjoy yourself, leave a comment here if you would be so kind as to give me feedback, and help yourself to give your opinion if you'd like. I can tolerate whatever you will throw at me, be it good or bad.

Good night, my friends.


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2008-05-11 21:24:34

I don't think it was that harsh.

Second2none responds:

Nine minutes into the night and someone has already responded. That actually cheers me up a bit, even if there is a chance you just stumbled across this post. Thank you for the feedback, it made me happy. ^^ It's good to know there are people out there that can give a care towards what someone has to say.


2008-05-12 07:00:26

Neither do I the kids spelling was riddled with mistakes and I think what you did was right hell I would have done the same thing


2008-05-16 18:06:50

if i were u i wold have dune the same

Second2none responds:

*chuckles.* So says the one who I insulted in my remark. Well, I appreciate your realization, Bignp. I'm glad to see you can comprehend my feelings at a level of equality.