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Those sprites I was talking about.

2008-05-17 19:44:55 by Second2none

Might as well show them now. I haven't made full sheets for them, but they're looking good.

For the reason I made these, none shall never know. Not even I can discern the logic behind my purpose of creating these... these mechanisms in non-isometric rendition.

The first guy, hm, I can't remember his name. He was just this awful MMX recolor. Still, I like how my incarnation of this... I think he's called Metal Maniac? Megamaniac? Mechanical man? Whatever. All I know is that, albeit his character's design was a bit dull visually, the background and capability he attributed to this artificial intelligence is very original. I never got a chance to speak with his creator because he disappeared many times, and finally faded from the internet.

Then there's this red and green fellow with more jolly feeling in him than St. Nick. Pardon the Christmas pun, it exists there, and it's very strong, as you can see by the design. The color pattern is actually different than the original that I've seen. The character was based off, or rather, RIPPED off of Duo, a savior of light from a different planet in the Megaman universe.. Even the name was taken and fixed into Trio, a supposed fan of Duo who always looked up to him when he was a mere prototype. Anyways, feel free to critique them as you'd like. The Trio figure isn't complete (obviously :P) and the Metal Hoozits is a bit awkward. I know these already, though I cannot stop you from pointing them out all the same. It's your choice. Anyways, that's all from me for now. I'm going to get back to work on them...

Right as soon as I'm done watching some more Decline of Video Gaming, 1-3.

Those sprites I was talking about.


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