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Making more of a name for myself

2008-05-18 16:06:18 by Second2none

I want to be more known on Newgrounds; I want attention. Why? I merely yearn for it after exploring it for quite some time now. Certainly, I could easily gain attention, both good and bad, if I decided to try my hand at flash work and create a successful cartoon... But I still have not reserved enough faith in my talent yet.

Therefore, I've decided to become a much more active member of the community. The first thing I'm going to do is start reviewing more. Certainly, people already know that Decline of Video Gaming is great, but in all honesty, most of the wonderful cartoons out there on Newgrounds were created before I even joined. I believe it's only fair that I leave my two bits on their flash cartoons.

I've also resolved to post more on the forums. I've already aided Rage's thread for defeating horribly made reviews, and allow me to say that I have never known that there could be such violent and discriminatory remarks on a website for entertainment. Well, whatever works to thwart attempts of prejudice and hatred. I feel like a superhero, hah!

I might submit a few audio files sometime, if I can get proper recording equipment. I'm a bit of a pianist, I quite enjoy classics such as Fur Elise, but I can also play songs like "Bowyer's Forest," "Windfish Ballad," "The Underwater Mario Theme," and many more. I've even mastered that piano opening to one of my favorite songs from Newgrounds: Outside (Absolute Fin)

Speaking of favorites, I'm going to add a lot more favorites to my page. Maybe I'll make some friends here on Newgrounds who have my same likes! :D It's possible, though I hope sincerely that I won't be hated for my actions. I know negative attention can spread about very fast, and it's been known to insult many a poor soul.


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2008-05-18 17:49:01

I love your verbosity.

Anyways, yes, flash animating would (if it is a good game/animation) garner you much attention on NewGrounds, however that is the aim of a lot of people, most of which have met the fate of not having their work showcased and viewed by the majority of the NG populace.

The NG Audio section of the site may not grant you as much fame as you would expect, save a few individuals who are notorious throughout the website for their work. It is much less seen than flash animating, even if you are very talented. Who knows, you may end up popular.

Everyone who is a regular visitor of NewGrounds of course wants to become popular. Those without talent or those unable to get their art displayed may resort of course to the NG BBS, in which becoming a 'regular' would be rendered a substantial amount of (possibly) respect, attention, and even the adoring eye of multiple other users. I would recommend the General board, as it is the most popular board of the BBS.

Sorry if you knew this all already. How silly of me, treating you like a new user when you are a much older user than I. ;)

P.S.: I love your reviews.

Second2none responds:

Tush-tush! I'll hear no apologies. Any feedback from a noble and forged intellect such as yours is quite substantial to me. I appreciate your comments, and perhaps in the near future we can become good friends.

As for your latter comment, true, he is a troll. Still, does it not make one wretch if the troll does nothing, yet exists where his hideous visage may be displayed to the world? Some time invested in advising the so-called troll may be well spent, if he so decides to heed it.

Once more, thank you for your comments. There needs to be more NGers such as you, Steve. I humbly await hearing from you again.


2008-05-18 17:52:42

P.P.S: I would think 'bignp' is a troll and you shouldn't waste your time on him.