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Ah, My Work is Never Done

2008-05-26 18:33:58 by Second2none

Constantly, I search Newgrounds for both entertainment and attention. As of late, however, I have conducted a delightful experiment that has gotten results.

If given enough time, certain flashes are no longer voted for. Which means, if someone with a reason or the drive to do so wanted to, they could make it extremely popular with just a months worth of votes, or make it a pitiful flash with enough effort.

I'd rather not mention which flashes I've been experimenting with, because I know that if I told you, you'd either flame me or do something to oppose me. Not necessarily ALL of you who read this, but even if you've seen my posts and profile and thought kindly of me, there are just SOME people who are like "Oh yeah? I'm going to prove you wrong!" *laughs* It's strange to see how some people get such an orgasmic high from telling off others or making them wrong. I've seen it too commonly in real life and on the internet.

At any rate, lemme give you an example. Let's say that a flash had made it through the portal, right? After a while, people will stop caring about it if it's an average, even mediocre flash from 1.25-2.50. Give me a week with that. Just one week. Chances are, since it's got like, what, 150 votes on it? Doesn't matter. That just makes it all the more powerful of an influence to vote on. you could reduce that flash to nothing but dust, or you could make it an easy 3.50 with enough determination.

Now that the math lesson is over, here's another fun fact... Nah, I change my mind, no more fun facts. Instead, a statement: I'm a lot happier to see that people find my reviews helpful. To those of you who know me and are doing this: Thank you very much. You're so wonderful, all of you. I'm really trying to give positive reviews that offer advice and/or a good summary of the flash. Toodles, I'm off to play some more games.


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2008-05-26 18:36:15

I do it to flashes that I believe deserve it, and why the hell not?